What is a Narrative, and How does it Work?

We use AI to sort through billions of interactions and help you understand the trends, stories, and communities driving what we call Narratives.

Why Narratives?

In today’s information environment, the volume and scale at which information moves is impossible to effectively track, analyze, and prioritize in real time. Technology has successfully managed to aggregate large amounts of data, but there is no way to currently sift through the content, discover emerging threats or surface actionable insights.

A Narrative as as a collection of stories, over a period of time, that reflect a belief. Some of these stories are long-form news articles, but they could represent a subset of a news article, social media posts, or even talking points. 

Using Narratives allows for a holistic approach to discovering trends within the evolving media ecosystem.

How do we do this?

We built a data pipeline that's been ingesting data from all corners of the internet, news articles, blogs, social media, and we are constantly adding more sources.

On top of our data pipeline, we apply AI and ML models that identify articles that relate to one another using patterns in the language of these articles. These articles that share similar themes make up a Narrative. By looking at clustered data, users can quickly learn what stories are gaining traction, and what new themes are bubbling beneath the surface.

We’re also track the context around the stories in a Narrative, like which sources are pushing it or what what the political lean is.

    How do Narratives develop over time?

    PeakMetrics’ system accounts for the evolving nature of Narratives, tracking their natural change in meaning and tone over time. 

    1. PeakMetrics runs any new collected data articles or social posts to determine whether they fit into one of the existing Narratives, or if they need to create a new emerging Narrative. 
    2. Unlike other tools that define a Narrative using keywords or Boolean queries, PeakMetrics takes into account the natural evolution of the Narrative including shifts in language or the terms being used.

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