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Using the Journalist Database

Our journalist database contains hundreds of thousands of journalists with contact information and social influence analysis. You can search for, discover, and reach out to journalists - directly from the platform. 

Find Journalists

A simple way to start is a Search for specific journalists by article topics or their bios.

You can add additional search filters such as a specific geography using the "Location" button and choosing a state or region and a time range for when articles were published. The results can be sorted by date or Social Shares to help you understand who is active and influential in the space.

Using Discover, you can learn who are the top journalists writing about your alert topics.

Use the "Pick an Alert" dropdown menu to choose an alert and view the journalists writing articles that mention the Alert topic. 

Working with Journalist Results

Clicking on a journalist's name will take you to a profile on them, including analytics on how many shares their stories get, a breakdown on topics they write about, number of stories over time, and their Twitter feed. 

Adding journalists to your Lists will allow you to save and group them. Journalists with the mail icon next to their name have an email in our database. 

Get in Contact

You can export data from Lists, email individuals, or create an Outreach campaign to email many journalists easily within the platform. Connect your email to get started with an Outreach campaign.

To export information on journalists, go to a list and select journalists using the checkboxes on the left. You can select all using the checkbox at the top. Then choose "Export Selected" to download a .csv file containing the journalist and the contact information in the database, including email, publication, and Twitter handle.