Network Graphs

This article shows how you can use network graphs to to show the connections between different components of a Narrative like the driving sources.

Network graphs allow you to visualize the key sources of information pushing your favorited Narratives in a Workspace. To get started, click on the ‘Graph’ button at the top of your Workspace. Note: for networks graphs to work, you must have favorited at least one Narratives in your Workspace.

From the Graphs page, you can adjust settings for ‘Relationship Strength’ and ‘Maximum Connections’ in the graph

Relationship Strength: The minimum number of articles or posts in the Narrative by the source in the specified time frame required for a node to appear. If Relationship Strength is equal to 5, then a source needs to have 5 articles inside a single Narrative to appear as a connection.

Maximum Connections: The maximum number of sources that can be linked to a Narrative node. If Maximum Connections is set to 5, there will be a max 5 sources linked to any given Narrative.

You may interact with the nodes in the graph in several ways.

  • Cement Node Position: Nodes are designed to follow any other nodes they connect with. By selecting your node with a left click and dragging it with with your mouse it will lock the node into the position you designate.
  • Delete Node: Right clicking a node twice will delete it from your graph.
  • Delete A Connection: Right clicking a connection will delete it from your graph.
  • Create Custom Connection: You may left click a node to select it. Once selected, left clicking another node will create a custom connection.

Saving Graphs:

Once you have satisfactorily configured your graph, you may save it to reload in the future by clicking the ‘Save’ button in the right hand menu. When you revisit this page the graph will revert to its original state. Clicking the ‘Load’ button in the right hand side will surface your saved graph.