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Multi-lingual Search

Use multi-lingual search to automatically translate your query and find mentions in different languages

Multilingual search can be an effective method to rapidly query languages of interest by only typing in English. To leverage multilingual search in an Alert or Workspace, you will need to leverage the Advanced Search functionality.

When creating an advanced query for translation, be sure to toggle on Enable Translation and structure your query as follows:

text: (”Insert Query Between Quotes”)

For example, in the following query, we will translate the phrases "One Belt One Road", "Belt and Road", "Belt Road Initiative" and "New Silk Road".

text: ("One Belt One Road" OR "Belt and Road" 
OR "Belt Road Initiative" OR "New Silk Road")
OR Author: "Enrique"

In this example, only "Taiwan" and "South China Sea" will be translated and the rest of the query will only match articles that contain the query terms in English.

text: (("Taiwan" OR "South China Sea") 
AND ("China" OR "United States" OR "USA" OR "Tensions" OR "Protest" OR "NATO" OR "Russia" OR "Ukraine" OR "Democracy" OR "Putin" OR "Xi"))

Once you have completed your query, you may select up to 20 languages in the language dropdown which PeakMetrics will automatically search for content in. Please note that the example content preview does not support multi-lingual content.