This article takes you through creating your first alert on PeakMetrics.

Start by clicking Create Alert on the upper right of the PeakMetrics dashboard.

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Enter your search query: Monitor whatever phrase, topic, or organization you would like.

  • Include all of these phrases will search articles for mentions of every word or phrase entered.

  • Include any of these phrases will search for articles that include at least one, but not necessarily all of the entered items.

  • Exclude these phrases will exclude articles that mention any of the entered words or phrases.

Sources and Notifications: Select the types of workspaces you'd like to monitor. If you want to monitor a specific set of publications, simply uncheck all the categories and toggle to By Individual Source.

Once you've selected where to monitor, choose how and when you'd like to receive alerts. You can receive them via email, Slack, or push notification (option appears if you download the iOS or Android app). Depending on your preference, you can receive your alerts at the following time intervals (all times in PST):

Alert Tags: Use tags to organize and group alerts together.

Alert Names: Alert names help you easily identify your alerts from the dashboard. They're particularly helpful if you set up a more complex Alert or have multiple similar Alerts.

Last, make sure to click "Create Alert" in the bottom right to save your alert. To edit an alert, selecting the alert from the dashboard, and then choose Edit from the ⚙

More dropdown in the top right.

Check out this help article for more Advanced Search Options.

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