Working in PeakMetrics

PeakMetrics allows you to simplify your media monitoring while uncovering advanced insights on your media impact. Here, we cover some common tasks to help you get started.

What you'll learn:

  • How to set up Alerts

  • Ways to use the Journalist database

  • How to create a Report

  • Using Properties to track content performance

Setting up Alerts

On the upper right of your dashboard, you can Create an Alert. Enter whatever phrase, topic, or organization you would like to monitor and choose the sources you care about! If you feel like getting fancy and refining your search, try Advanced Search Options. These can help you look for phrases when they appear with other phrases or to search for variations of a phrase.

Using Bookmarks

Located directly below the Alerts tab on your dashboard is the Bookmarks feature. Bookmarks are a great way to flag, organize and act upon your mentions. Some users find it helpful to bookmark mentions as they browse their Mentions feed and then take action on the selected group as a whole upon reviewing all new mentions. Other users use bookmarks to simply save and organize their most important mentions.

Ways to use the Journalist Database

Our journalist database contains hundreds of thousands of journalists with contact information and Social Influence analysis.

Find Journalists

A simple way to start is searching for specific journalists by articles they have written or their bios. Using Discover, you can learn who are the top journalists writing about your alert topics. Adding them all to Lists will allow you to save and group them.

Get in Contact

You can export data from Lists, email individuals, or create an Outreach campaign to email many journalists easily within the platform. Connect your email to get started with an Outreach campaign.

Create a Report

Using Reports, you are able to collaborate on and share an interactive report to demonstrate and visualize media impact for your alerts. In "Create a Report", you can add analytics for individual or several alerts, pictures, article links, and journalist contacts. Once finished, simply share the link at the top!

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